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Account Delegation

Account Delegation Go to “My Profile” Select “My Agent” Click “New” Fill the delegation information Click OK to save Go to “Proxy Item” on the left menu to find delegated task

System Maintenance

System Maintenance: OA System & JDE eApproval System – Regular System Maintenance on 8 Dec (Fri) from 21:00 to 9 Dec (Sat) 09:00

Setup E-mail Notification

Setup E-mail Notification

Setup E-mail Notification Go to “My Profile”   Select “Message alert Settings” Check “Work together” to receive email notification from OA and click “OK”  

Approve/ Return/ Reject Request

Approve/ Return/ Reject Request

Overview Return This will pass the form to previous user to supplement information or handle the form Reject This will terminate the application form Common Language Frequently used word can be choose to paste...